A typical QSP customer needs:

– Quick and accurate quotes
– Fair and competitive pricing
– Fast lead times
– Quality assurance through a comprehensive inspection program
– CAD and design assistance
– Short runs for custom jobs
– Assemblies as required per your specifications
– Local delivery – Parts or product shipped on time.

Our promise to you is to provide you with quality products consistently
at a cost effective price in a timely manner.

QSP was founded in 1997 by Peter J. Pierce and since the beginning
we have built a reputation for offering quality products on time. QSP’s
professional management is dedicated to constant innovation and
improvement to our processes and quality control.

Our Mission:
To exceed our customer’s needs and expectations regarding products
and service, we are dedicated to delivering products that solve
problems at a very competitive cost. As the owner, I take full
responsibility for every aspect of our services, product development,
manufacturing, quality control, sales and service after the sales. Our
mission is to deliver the products and services at such a high level of
quality that the experience of purchasing any QSP product is a
carefree one for each of our valued customers.